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About us (English Summary) – The scrapbook of architecture videos

The number of online videos is growing rapidly. Every day, thousands of videos are being uploaded to plattforms like YouTube or Google Video. If you’re looking for something of special interest – e. g. architecture – you are confronted with tons of material of often doubtful quality. is there to help: it’s an architectural guide through the jungle of videos on the web.

The idea

When I started in January 2007, my aim was to give architecture video “a place on the web” . At least in germany, there was no such portal or website before.
For me, there are two main reasons why architecture videos should be presented online:

  1. First of all, I think architecture is an ideal topic to be represented via film or video. Far more than static imagery, a film can transport the three-dimensional idea of space.
  2. Technologically, it’s important for architects to keep pace with today’s trends in the use of the internet: consuming video on the web has become an every day experience. Architects that serve their audience according to these new ways of media consumption, will draw more attention to their architectural work then others.

The features collects videos that were uploaded to online video platforms and “embeds” them using the HTML-Code that is provided with each video. The videos are presented weblog-like in a chronological order. They are classified in categories as country, topic or decade of construction.

Users can participate in two ways: they can send links on interesting videos to the editor to have them published on

And of course users can produce their own videos, upload them e. g. to YouTube and have them published on Doing so, they can be sure to reach a dedicated audience interested in architecture, in addition to those who might see the film on YouTube.

About the editor

After my studies in architecture (Berlin/Germany and Lyon/France, diploma in 2000) I worked as an online project manager and conceptioner for internet agencies and large companies. Additionally, I founded “” in 2003, an online magazine on marketing and webdesign especially for architects and engineers.

Since March 2007 I work as a freelance webdesigner (see

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